Superfood Smoothie Bowl (Protein Fluff Style)

Superfood Smoothie Bowl - Fluff

The wellness warrior behind CleanKitch created an AMAZING Superfood Smoothie Bowl using just 4 ingredients (including tera’swhey Bourbon Vanilla Protein Powder!). Check out the killer recipe below and and make sure to stop by her page for a non-stop thrill ride of whole food goodness! Superfood Smoothie Bowl (Protein Fluff Style)  Ingredients: Base: 1 cup frozen read more…

5 Essential Tips You Need for a Successful Cycling Season

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It’s National Bike Riding Month! Time to hop on your bike and get your wheels dirty! But before you do that, here are 5 essential tips you need to know to make this the best cycling season yet. 1. Have Your Bike Fitted Skip the risk of unnecessary aches and pains when you hit the read more…

Protein Power Chia Berry Smoothie Bowl


We love new food recipe trends! And we love putting our own spin on these delectable creations. So when one of our team members spotted superfood smoothie bowls popping up all over Pinterest, Instagram and health food blogs, we wanted to be a part of the fun! For our first foray into superfood smoothie heaven, read more…

Happy Earth Day!

How green is tera'swhey-

Happy Earth Day! We try to make sustainability a part of our every day – from our rain gardens to solar reflective white roofs. Share some of the ways you make your green mark in the comments below.  

Power Protein Brownies

Power Protein Brownies Healthify one of your favorite dessert staples with this recipe that is so simple even we couldn’t mess it up! These delicious morsels contain about 2 grams of fiber and 5 grams of protein, putting basic brownies to shame! Make these and we promise they will be a crowd pleaser—everyone in our read more…